Orion Infrastructure Capital (OIC)

Adiversified investment firm (OIC) focused on green infrastructure.

A new presence for a leading infrastructure investment firm

Contributions: UX Direction, UI+Visual Direction, Technical Direction


Orion is building the infrastructure of tomorrow, today. With the world is changing our focus must shift to better methods of power generation, food production, and waste. It's going to be a journey but with companies like Orion (OIC) investing in infrastructure solutions, we might just get there.


OIC Opening animation

The Problem — Other than finding solutions to sustainability issues facing the world, Orion as a company had a challenge telling that problem and the solutions they are working to provide. My team and I embraced this challenge with a full rebrand. Starting with strategy through verbal and visual we built a branding system that now needed to be executed through its most prominent touchpoint. A new website.

oic webpage

Logo flip for mobile creates a specific feel for the viewport.

The Solution — Starting with external and internal stakeholder interviews to understand goals, audience/outcomes, and the role the website would play in the business lifecycle, a source of truth was created and agreed upon.

  1. Goals:
    • To inform what OIC does, and who OIC is.
    • To entice potential investors, partners and employees that OIC is unique and is a match for them.
    • To tell a story about a firm that has deep roots and credibility in infrastructure investing, but is always evolving and moving forward to build a better future.
  2. Audience: Potential investors, Founders, Perspective employees, Media.
  3. Outcomes: Verify who OIC is, and what they do.
  4. Website Role: Validate who OIC is, and what they do.

Once a clear understanding was established for what everyone was looking for, the focus shifted, to how much of this do we already have? A full content audit and information architecture process lead the way to wireframing buckets of content.

oic webpage

Aligment on audiences and outcomes and what their expectations are; is ths building blocks to a great Information Architecture.

Further refinement and higher fidelity comps illustrated the best ways to provide the visual emphasis to the content.

oic webpage

Block it out and continue to add higher levels of fidelity reaching high res.

And finally, it all comes together with subtle animations and interactions that provide that hit of visual interest.

oic webpage

Business details don't have to look and read boring.

The Result — Increase in press, sessions, and inquiries the site started working for OIC right out of the gate. But most importantly the insights and story of who OIC is and how they work is showcased. The resulting website is a fantastic example of how information organized into visually cohesive sections, can tell any story no matter the complexity of the subject.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you would like to talk some more about this project, or anything else, reach out.


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