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Hi, I'm Corey.

I didn't invent the internet, the mobile phone, or the magazine; but I do make them look good.

I've been an established designer in print, web, mobile apps, and video for more than ten years. A passion for web technologies, developing, and building multimedia art and functionality keeps me forever learning and growing. I would explain myself as a "hybrid", in that I am a designer who can also build things. I love working with consumer brands, but find joy in small and large projects alike because I love what I do.

I do marketing and promotional materials in a range of mediums to help companies connect with new audiences, rekindle stagnate brands, and reach higher levels of impression unknown before.

Tangerine Industries is the personal portfolio of Corey Snyder. Corey is an award winning Interactive Designer, and Emmy Award winning Motion Graphics Designer. Corey exploits the opportunities offered by digital media.
Some Work.
Pink Diamond Gin Website (2007)
Pink Diamond Gin [PDG] is the world's first truly pink gin. And it's smooooth. So smooth in fact that it can replace vodka as your liquor of choice in many mixed drinks. PDG needed a site that is as smooth and slick as the gin itself. All the animations are a gentle progression as if it was blown by the breeze. Mix yourself a cocktail and check out the site.

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Technology Used:
Flash, Photoshop, JavaScript, PHP, HTML
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